It is a pleasure for me to provide Tony King of Total Plastics with a personal reference and testimonial.

I first met Tony in 2003, I had one of those eureka moments, a solution to New Zealand‘s leaky home problem – small plastic packer to go under every timber stud.

I visited at least 4 injection moulding companies and obtained an indication of cost to manufacture. I was horrified at some of the quotes I was receiving until I was fortunate enough to find Tony and Total Plastics.

The first thing that impressed me about Tony was his history in the industry. He was young, enthusiastic, learnt his trade on the shop floor and was a qualified toolmaker, he instilled total confidence and he had not even given me a price!

The price he gave me, about half what others were quoting, which I knew was fair and realistic, but above all, it made my project viable, Tony was on board and we were working together. His advice and guidance on producing an initial die, invaluable!

I knew getting the product to market would not be a simple process and often said to Tony, it may not happen overnight but it will happen!

In 2013, I am pleased to say it did happen, and the HIANDRI bottom plate packer started to take off.  Last year Total Plastics manufactured over one million units for our company, Hiandri Solutions Ltd.

In 2016, Tony’s factory burnt to the ground and we lost 300,000 units. Tony moved heaven and earth for all his customers and was back in business supplying us with product 3 weeks later!  Here is another first for a manufacturer, Tony has only increased his price to our company once in the last 5 years and that was as solely due to the rise in raw material costs.

Our company believes in loyalty and supporting great New Zealand businesses like Total Plastics Ltd,  price is secondary to us, we want complete control of our product in NZ, which is how we grow our business and not lose a night’s sleep.

Over the years, our relationship with Tony has only grown stronger, he is an excellent person to do business with and is very focused on his customer’s needs.

If you think likewise, I can totally recommend you discuss your needs with Tony, you will not regret it.

John Oliver, Director
Hiandri Solutions Ltd

Tony King and Total Plastics are a key supplier to our business and are extremely professional and easy to deal with. Total Plastics provide quick quoting and supply turnarounds, are very knowledgeable, and always keen to help out.

Thanks for all your support over the years, and into the future.

Heath Thornhill
APC Innovate

Total Plastics has been a supplier to Aquaknight for over 20years. A majority of this has been JIT full-service delivery. They have proven very reliable and have responded well to our changing needs over time.

In 2016 the factory was lost in a devastating fire. Tony & his staff worked closely with us to coordinate the recovery of all tooling and plant. We went from a total loss and being back to production in just six weeks; due largely to Tony’s in-depth understanding and connections within the injection moulding industry.

I can recommend Total Plastics as a reliable, expert supplier.

Rodney Knight, Managing Director
Aquaknight Industries Ltd

I have worked with Tony and the team for over 20 years now and through 2 companies I have owned during that time and always found them great at meeting lead times if not a head of time can’t say I remember the last time there was a reject of the various products they have made for us

And have been very happy to still to this day continue to deal with on all our plastic injection needs

Paul Wilson, Managing Director

R A White & Co